Discord Bots

Our full list of Discord bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Birthday Bot's Avatar

Birthday Bot
Keep track of member birthdays in your server!

JDBot's Avatar

This bot is designed to be all in one bot which can help people,…

🐟🐠's Avatar

A simple bot for deleting malicious phishing scam messages.

Xardia's Avatar

A bot that has image manipulation commands. He can also send Dog…

Nexus's Avatar

A Useful bot with so many commands in Moderation, Fun, Image Man…

Quoter's Avatar

Quoter is a Discord bot which stores quotes for servers & retrie…

TzeBot's Avatar

TzeBot is a discord bot who has multi language support (Turkish …

Rickroll bot's Avatar

Rickroll bot
I rickroll people every few messages.

Node-Music-Test's Avatar

¡Un bot hecho por y para los amantes de la música!

Helix Music's Avatar

Helix Music
A High Quality Music bot to give the best audio when playing mus…

Recolt's Avatar

Recolt offers text-to-speech in 78 different languages , languag…

Nebula's Avatar

Nebula is focusing on Auto mod, Musics and multi purpose utiliti…

Interaction Bot's Avatar

Interaction Bot
InteractionBot is a growth translator Discord bot on discord wit…

Radio X's Avatar

Radio X
A Discord music/general bot that plays live streams, radio, YouT…

SCP Bot's Avatar

This bot is for people who are a fan of the SCP Genre.