Discord Social Bots

Our full list of Discord social bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

RinBot's Avatar

Guess the Anime, anime quiz / anime trivia game with thousands o…

Recolt's Avatar

Recolt offers text-to-speech in 78 different languages , languag…

The dank Indian's Avatar

The dank Indian
The dank Indian is an Indian meme bot with lots of fun and troll…

zerotwo's Avatar

Bot with a nice level and money system, and a very good card sys…

My Darling Mom's Avatar

My Darling Mom
My Darling Mom the perfect family friendly bot! - You will never…

Sasuke's Avatar

Sasuke is a multi-functional discord bot, specialized in giving …

Profile Bot's Avatar

Profile Bot
Simple, profile bot for users to setup in your server!

CareBot's Avatar

A fun and easy-to-use Mental Health Support Bot with journals, h…

GitBot's Avatar

Stylish and fast GitHub Discord Bot for fetching data about user…

Mana's Avatar

The Waifu and Yuri Discord bot you have been looking for with fe…

pfp-logger's Avatar

A Discord Bot that lets you manage all your profile pictures ins…

Goat's Avatar

Goat is an all purpose Discord bot. Use Goat for server administ…

DeezGunz's Avatar

This cool bot has a lot of cool features for moderation, fun, an…

Nekie's Avatar

A Bot Made For All Purposes Be It Moderation, Fun, Images, Prank…