Discord Multipurpose Bots

Our full list of Discord multipurpose bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

MarwynnBot's Avatar

I am an all-purpose Discord bot written in Python using discord.…

uwubot's Avatar

A cute bot with currency that’s very uwu!

Bot Bot's Avatar

Bot Bot
This bot has a few essentials. Ban/kick players, tempmute, Imple…

Galaxy Cowboy 👾's Avatar

Galaxy Cowboy 👾
“When can you meet?”, date RSVP, date planner, date manager, dat…

opPars's Avatar

Bot klasik bir eğlence botudur. Yakınca oyun sunucuları için kom…

ConcordBot's Avatar

A Bot you can configure with a simple YAML configuration.

Shell's Avatar

Multipurpose bot with various different actions, such as moderat…

Yuki's Avatar

This bot is customizable and made for fun, moderation, and more …

Mana's Avatar

The Waifu and Yuri Discord bot you have been looking for with fe…

Lua's Avatar

Give your discord a profissional look with Lua. Utility | Multi-…

Bot en caoutchouc's Avatar

Bot en caoutchouc
🇫🇷 French only - Bot multifonction avec des commandes de modér…

bearger's Avatar

bearger is a fun bot for your server. he does some useful and so…

Signal's Avatar

Signal is an advanced moderation and utility bot that provides a…