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Random Bots

Zbot's Avatar

A friendly bot with moderation, fun, rss, levels, partners and m…

Five's Avatar

Spotify,soundCloud etc. Music Bot! Have Slash Commands!

LogRack's Avatar

Lograck is a fully customizable logging bot for your server wit…

Jonin's Avatar

A multi-purpose bot for a shrine maiden at Yae Village. A bot fo…

botbadi's Avatar

Arithmetic calculator, profile picture image modification, Minec…

MC status bot's Avatar

MC status bot
A Discord bot that will display, log and graph the status and st…

Random Servers


Welcome To The Official Discord Server Of YouTube Video Content …

👑 Traxsou Empire 👑's Icon

👑 Traxsou Empire 👑
Serveur français chill gaming communautaire vennez nombreux

Pantaz1s Server's Icon

Pantaz1s Server
{ Cheap nitros } { discord shop } { five m scripts } { Discord s…

Wade's Kitten's's Icon

Wade's Kitten's
This i a fun discord kitten server

Manga Mutiny's Icon

Manga Mutiny
An online community to discuss and explore the wide world of man…

Random Templates

Profile Picture server's Icon

Profile Picture server
Make Pfp(s) for others. And do random sh!t.

Template // Cottage/Picnic core's Icon

Template // Cottage/Picnic core
Join my server if you have any questions! https://discord.gg/Sf7…

גייז אובר's Icon

גייז אובר
An old-fashioned community server

angelcore template || 30 min challenge.'s Icon

angelcore template || 30 min challenge.
30 min challenge || aes angelcore temp || pls cred. @! girlie#66…

Bot support's Icon

Bot support
Perfect template for your bot server

Beach Resort Server - Momo's Icon

Beach Resort Server - Momo
An aesthetic beach themed server!