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Random Bots

Verifii's Avatar

A big strong boy to protect your Discord server from raiders and…

Crafty's Avatar

The most advanced Minecraft focused Discord bot

bort's Avatar

Clans | Ranks | Economy | Music | Utility | Announcements

Merlin's Avatar

Merlin - almost certainly the most unique bot on Discord.

Transistor FM's Avatar

Transistor FM
Discord radio, made simple. One of the few unique music bots, wi…

Smartu's Avatar

Smartu... A moderation, music, some funny and games Discord bot.…

Random Servers

MC Kingdom's Icon

MC Kingdom
MC Kingom is a server for everyone including, Minecraft players,…

Hova's Internet Brethren's Icon

Hova's Internet Brethren
Awesome sever with cool emotes

Furry Concord's Icon

Furry Concord
A unique, loving, and welcoming furry Discord Server!

ManiaBots™'s Icon

Official support server for ManiaBots™

Random Templates

Backup ignite Support's Icon

Backup ignite Support
Server template for discord bot support server

Study Groups's Icon

Study Groups
Teach and learn together: Stream lessons, ask questions, and stu…

Creators & Hobbies's Icon

Creators & Hobbies
Create together: Collaborate, ideate, and show your stuff.

Global Communities's Icon

Global Communities
Gather friends across the world: Coordinate, share resources, an…

Local Communities's Icon

Local Communities
Meet up, organize, and stay in touch.

A great Support Server for your bot!'s Icon

A great Support Server for your bot!
This server, which contains many channels and categories, is for…