Discord Fun Bots

Our full list of Discord fun bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

BOB's Avatar

A not-so-basic bot I spend way too much time on

Clawful's Avatar

Clawful is an easy to use Discord bot with moderation and fun co…

Yeet's Avatar

Yeet is a multipurpose bot that has a lot of fun command and mod…

Crush's Avatar

Botun temel amacı sunucunuza üye getirmektir. Üye getirmek için …

Cuddle's Avatar

A feature-rich Discord bot that can do a variety of wacky things…

Trash Memer's Avatar

Trash Memer
Bring some good Memes to your Server!

MCFacts's Avatar

MCFacts is the perfect minecraft themed bot for any server

Trivia Bot's Avatar

Trivia Bot
A easy to use multiple choice and true/false trivia bot with a g…

Sharingan 's Avatar

Anime vibe's is a bot for easy browsing 🌐 GOGOANIME LINK🔗, ANI…

Jey's Avatar

Music Bot • Slash Commands • DJ Mode • Audio Filters • Supports …

Radio's Avatar

Radio discord bot, easy use and low response time.

ZeroTwo's Avatar

I'm a waifu Discord bot based on ZeroTwo (Darling in the FranXX)…

GamingBuddy's Avatar

Wanna play some multiplayer games and search for a gaming buddy?…

I.R.I.S. Utilities's Avatar

I.R.I.S. Utilities
I.R.I.S Utilities is a multi-purpose discord bot that allows you…