Discord Utility Bots

Our full list of Discord utility bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

RangerBot's Avatar

A RangerBot egy szinte teljesen Magyar Discord Bot, melyet a fel…

Minotaur's Avatar

Easy to use Discord mod bot with dashboard, mod tools, modlogs a…

Boat's Avatar

Boat is a utilitarian and moderation bot, alike Dyno & Mee6. Boa…

Orange Bot's Avatar

Orange Bot
A fruit-themed bot with fun and useful commands, and even a econ…

Heroez's Avatar

heroez is a multi-purpose discord bot that can spice up your dis…

Reddit ReLink's Avatar

Reddit ReLink
Relinks Subreddit 'links' users have sent.

Quick Tickets - Deprecated's Avatar

Quick Tickets - Deprecated
A Discord bot for a free premium experience with reaction ticket…

Shu's Avatar

Count channel auto-moderation and management discord bot

Chewbotcca's Avatar

Chewbotcca for Discord is back and better than ever! It is compl…

Exile's Avatar

Exile bot is a mutli-purpose bot for all your needs it comes wit…

Birthday Bot's Avatar

Birthday Bot
Keep track of member birthdays in your server!

JDBot's Avatar

This bot is designed to be all in one bot which can help people,…

🐟🐠's Avatar

A simple bot for deleting malicious phishing scam messages.