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Giveaway Boat

Advanced Giveaway Bot • Easy to Use Dashboard • Templates • Infinite Giveaways • Message & Role Requirements • Multiple Entries • And More!

Prefix g.
Library discordeno
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What is Giveaway Boat?

Giveaway Boat is an advanced Discord giveaway bot, with a lot of features and an easy to use dashboard

Why should I use Giveaway Boat?

It has so many cool features like:

  • Dashboard
  • Giveaway Templates (Create default set of values and reuse them again and again to create giveaways instantly!)
  • Schedule Giveaways
  • Customize Giveaways (Like adding image to the embed, changing colors of embed etc.)
  • Requirements (Level, Message, Role) (You can boost your server activity with these requirements)
  • Bypass Roles (Roles for bypassing requirements)
  • Multiple Entries
  • Giveaway Logging!
  • Available in Multiple Languages! (Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Turkish and much more!)
  • Allows unlimited number of Giveaways at once!
  • Allows you to create giveaways with up to 100 days duration!
  • Allows you to add custom messages to be sent in entry confirm, deny, reject embed and also in winners DM messages!

What is its prefix?

By default, Giveaway Boat's prefix is g. but you can also change this using g.set prefix or command or from dashboard

What are its commands?

It has a lot of commands (currently 75 commands), it's better to look at commands page in the website but I'm still listing them

Basic Giveaway Commands

Command Description Example
create You can create simple giveaways using this command Interactive Setup: g.create

Quick Setup: g.create
delete Delete a giveaway using its message ID g.delete 747749103953248298
end End a giveaway using its message ID g.end 747749103953248298
reroll Reroll a giveaway winner using its message ID g.reroll 747749103953248298

Giveaway Templates

Command Description Example
create using template Create a giveaway using a giveaway template g.create using template "Daily Giveaways"
list templates View a list of all giveaway templates in your server g.list templates
template create Create a giveaway template g.template create "Daily Giveaways" --duration 1w 3d --name Random Steam Key
template delete Delete a giveaway template g.template delete "Daily Giveaways"
template edit Edit a giveaway template g.template edit "Daily Giveaways" --name Discord Nitro
view template View information of a giveaway template g.view template "Daily Giveaways"

Schedule Giveaways

Command Description Example
list scheduled View a list of all scheduled giveaways g.list scheduled
schedule Schedule a giveaway g.schedule --channel #giveaways --starts-in 1 day --duration 1 week --winners 5 --name Discord Nitro
schedule delete Delete a scheduled giveaway g.schedule delete 1
schedule using template Schedule a giveaway using a template g.schedule using template "Daily Giveaways" --starts-in 1 day


Command Description Example
blacklist role Blacklist a role from participating in a giveaway g.blacklist role 747749103953248298 @giveaway banned
bypass role Set a role that bypasses requirements in a giveaway g.bypass role 747749103953248298 @boosters
lock level Set level requirement to a giveaway g.lock level 747749103953248298 10
lock messages Set message requirement to a giveaway g.lock messages 747749103953248298 daily 10
lock role Set role requirement to a giveaway lock role 747749103953248298 @boosters

Edit Giveaways

Command Description Example
edit color Edit embed color of a giveaway g.edit color 747749103953248298 #12fa8e
edit duration Edit duration of a giveaway g.edit duration 747749103953248298 3w 2d
edit end color Edit embed color of a giveaway which should be used after it ends g.edit end color 747749103953248298 #12fa8e
edit host Edit host of a giveaway g.edit host 747749103953248298 @Awesome Stickz#9689
edit image Edit embed image of a giveaway g.edit image 747749103953248298
edit name Edit name of a giveaway g.edit name 747749103953248298 Discord Nitro
edit thumbnail Edit embed thumbnail of a giveaway g.edit thumbnail 747749103953248298
edit winners Edit number of winners of a giveaway g.edit winners 747749103953248298 5


Command Description Example
logger Enable or Disable giveaway logger in your server g.logger enable, logger disable
logger channel Set a channel to log giveaways g.logger channel #giveaway-logs

And even more commands are there, that will make this page more flooded so you can view it in the commands page or using command!