Discord Application Command Bots

Our full list of Discord bots that integrate with Discord by supporting Slash Commands and/or Context Menus! All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Frodo's Avatar

A minigames bot that is constantly being developed. It has many …

Scrap's Avatar

An RPG bot with custom character /say embeds.

Majestic Bot's Avatar

Majestic Bot
A Multi-Function bot made to entertain! Every command is stylish…

Zimmy's Avatar

Simple bot to schedule your announcements, planned posts or repe…

Daily Quotes's Avatar

Daily Quotes
A bot that gives your server DailyQuotes

BitPizza's Avatar

BitPizza is a multipurpose bot, making your life a lot simpler a…

Snakee's Avatar

Bot de entretenimiento en español con comandos de diversión, mús…

Wishlist Doggo's Avatar

Wishlist Doggo
Henlo fren, add a game to the wishlist, and receive a notificati…

Server Status's Avatar

Server Status
The Server Status Bot keeps you up to date on Discord's server s…

dot.bit's Avatar

A multipurpose bot, topped with cookie crumbs.

User information bot's Avatar

User information bot
Discord user info bot gets all information like username,nitro s…

Sporks!'s Avatar

A surly chatbot who will learn from your discord server, and bac…

xTickets's Avatar

Create private support channels for a better member support expe…