Discord Application Command Bots

Our full list of Discord bots that integrate with Discord by supporting Slash Commands and/or Context Menus! All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

RangerBot's Avatar

A RangerBot egy szinte teljesen Magyar Discord Bot, melyet a fel…

Minotaur's Avatar

Easy to use Discord mod bot with dashboard, mod tools, modlogs a…

Divitus's Avatar

New fun economy bot. New features added regularly, suggested by …

Birthday Bot's Avatar

Birthday Bot
Keep track of member birthdays in your server!

🐟🐠's Avatar

A simple bot for deleting malicious phishing scam messages.

Nebula's Avatar

Nebula is focusing on Auto mod, Musics and multi purpose utiliti…

Interaction Bot's Avatar

Interaction Bot
InteractionBot is a growth translator Discord bot on discord wit…

Giga Chad's Avatar

Giga Chad
Giga Chad is a bot about the Giga Chad meme. It features fun com…

Five's Avatar

Spotify,soundCloud etc. Music Bot! Have Slash Commands!

Xiana [OLD]'s Avatar

Xiana [OLD]
A multipurpose bot to manage your server!Invite me here: https:/…

Connect's Avatar

Connect is a social media application inside of a Discord bot!

Mizar's Avatar

I'm a free, multipurpose Discord bot that provides everything ne…

Luxury Music V2's Avatar

Luxury Music V2
A friendly and easy to use music bot that has amazing features. …

YesNo's Avatar

YesNo is a simple yes/no poll bot for Discord, based on the YesN…