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A minecraft themed discord bot.

Prefix .
Library discord.py
Servers ???


WoodChopper is a minecraft themed discord bot

The bot is in beta and has a long way of ideas left to implement!

Current bot version offers

• A simple money and token economy.
• A variety of different axes.
• Unlockable forests with each having new items to chop in it.
• A few upgrades to make you progress quicker.
• And more!

Economy Commands

• .profile - check yours or other's progress.
• .chop - main source of money, tokens and xp.
• .shop - get a list of items and upgrades to buy.
• .upgrades - know what upgrades can do.
• .buy - buy items and upgrades from the shop.

Other Commands

• .ping - check bot's response latency.
• .invite - invite the bot to your server.
• .prefix - check the server prefix.
• .setprefix - set the custom server prefix for your server.