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Aerex - the perfect blend of entertainment, fun, moderation, and information all in one bot.

Prefix a!
Library discord.js
Servers 316


Do you want a Discord Bot that can entertain your members with various commands and keep the server safe at the same time as well as doing many other various things? You have come to the right place. Aerex is a multipurpose Discord bot that can serve all your various needs from entertainment and information to server security and moderation. Invite this bot today!

Modules: This bot offers a wide variety of modules for your server which include:

• Aviation Commands • Configuration Commands • General Bot Information • Economy Commands • Fun and Entertainment Commands • Imaging Commands • Math Commands • Comprehensive and top of the line moderation commands • Server & User Information Commands • Utility Commands

Invite Link:

To invite this bot to your server, use the invite command in any server you share with the bot!

Slash Commands

  • /8ball question
    Find the answer to your deepest and darkest questions from the far beyond
    • question: The question you want to ask
  • /ascii text
    Transform your text into ASCII art
    • text: The text you want to transform
  • /bird
    Shows a random picture of a bird

  • /cat
    Shows or a random picture or a GIF of a cat

  • /choose first_choice second_choice third_choice | Optional fourth_choice fifth_choice
    Choose between different described choices
    • first_choice: Your first choice that the bot may pick
    • second_choice: Your second choice that the bot may pick
    • third_choice: Your third choice that the bot may pick
    • fourth_choice: Your fourth choice that the bot may pick
    • fifth_choice: Your fifth choice that the bot may pick
  • /dog
    Shows a random picture or a GIF of a dog

  • /qrcode input | Optional size code-color background-color
    Transform your text or link into a QR code
    • input: The text or link you want to transform
    • size: Size of QR code image
    • code-color: Top layer's color on the QR code
    • background-color: Background color on the QR code