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Wormy is the brand new bot that has everything that your server must-have.

Prefix w!
Library discord.py
Server ???
Privacy Policy w!privacy
Pemilik redsussy#6617

My prefix is w!, use the command w!help for a list of commands. Wormy has almost every command combined in one bot, so it's not needed to add diffrent bots to do their job!

Why should I use Wormy?

Wormy has the following features:

  • Moderations, fun, utilities and more
  • 24/7 Bot online
  • No money required
  • Less bugs
  • Weekly Updates



  • w!ban {user} - Bans the specified user
  • w!unban {user} - Unans the specified user
  • w!kick {user} - Kicks the specified user
  • w!clear {amount} - Clears the specified number of messages.
  • more...


  • w!meme - Displays a randomly generated meme.
  • w!genqr {link/text} - Generates a QR Code with the link/text provided.
  • w!lyrics {title} - Displays the song you mentioned lyrics.
  • more...
So what are you waiting for? Add the bot to the server now!

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