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A cute bot with currency that’s very uwu!

Prefix uwu
Library discord.py
Servers ???
Owner taku#3343

Hi, I’d like to advertise a small bot I been making on the side: <@720334365661462710> - prefix uwu.

To be honest, it doesn’t really do much. It’s main purpose it’s just to be cute and UwU, so don’t expect many functional commands :(

Uwubot maintains a small currency system with “cookies 🍪” as the currency, in which you can bake (uwu bake), give to others (uwu give), steal, and there’s also a cross-servers “cookieboard” which you can check with uwu cookieboard to compare your cookie jar with others. It also has a port of my animals plugin with you can see cute animals with uwu meow (you gotta feed cute kitties with cookies of course), woof, and floof.

In addition to these, uwubot has two simple games: uwu tictactoe (check its help to see how to play) and uwu rps. Which are Tic Tac Toe and Rock Paper Scissors respectively.

Furthermore, uwubot also has a port of my audit logs plugin to provide a mee6-like audit logs for your server (ex. msg delete, role events, msg edit, channel events, etc). Reaction images similar to pancake bot’s will be added in the future (for example: uwu hug @user). As well as possibly adding a functioning music bot in the far future!

(Btw there's starboard support now!!) —

It would mean a lot to me if you can check it out and invite <@720334365661462710> to your servers, if not (very understandable), thanks for your time reading this!