Discord Application Command Bots

Our full list of Discord bots that integrate with Discord by supporting Slash Commands and/or Context Menus! All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Majestic Bot's Avatar

Majestic Bot
A Multi-Function bot made to entertain! Every command is stylish…

Revinal's Avatar

Multi Functional Bot Containing Advanced Logging And Many Featur…


Check your VALORANT in-game store, stats, progress, and more, al…

Phishem's Avatar

Another advanced malicious link detection bot with server config…

Reacts's Avatar

A Discord Bot focused on easy to use yet powerful reaction roles…

KittyBot's Avatar

Multipurpose managing, music & fun Bot

Emote Manager's Avatar

Emote Manager
Easily manage Emojis, Stickers & Role Icons with Emote Manager •…

Coffe_Bot's Avatar

Hi!, I am a bot with which you can enjoy tea time peacefully, ei…

Message Manager's Avatar

Message Manager
A bot focused on making managing staff information messages easi…

MiniBoy's Avatar

MiniBoy offers moderation tools; giveaways; information; utility…

A Bouncing Seal's Avatar

A Bouncing Seal
It's a fun bot with leveling and funny bouncing seal videos.

Voice Master's Avatar

Voice Master
The best voice channel bot with automatic voice channel manageme…

Word Game's Avatar

Word Game
A discord interactive game where players must try to guess the W…

Ayane's Avatar

Izumi has many features for you to explore, from music to modera…

SlashBot's Avatar

Easy and intuitive Slash Commands for Role assignment