Discord Fun Bots

Our full list of Discord fun bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Tooblek's Avatar

Tooblek Bot ile sunucularınız eğlenceli ve detaylı bir şekilde k…

someoneBot's Avatar

A basic bot to add the @someone feature back to discord

CRAZY-BOT's Avatar

A Regular Bot That's Like To Help With Moderation, Miscellaneous…

Yuski's Avatar

Bot made for romanians (Bot facut pentru romani)

Monti Music Bot's Avatar

Monti Music Bot
Monti Music Bot ▹ Monti Bots Created By ☜MontiKasta™☞

Asuna's Avatar

A weeb bot that does music and other things

Hoang's Avatar

moderasyon ,eğlence ve sunucu sistemleri ile Hoang Geri Döndü!!!…

Emerald's Avatar

Emerald is a multipurpose bot that allows you to manage your ser…

Starboard bot - sms's Avatar

Starboard bot - sms
Starboards made simple. sms is a useful discord bot that will se…

Randum.'s Avatar

Randum. is a simple bot that has multiple commands to receive ra…

Shiba's Avatar

Woof woof, Hi I am Shiba, I am a cool dog that can do lots of fu…

Unicode Encryptor's Avatar

Unicode Encryptor
Unicode Encryptor is a one-of-a-kind bot that lets you encrypt n…

Nia's Avatar

Nia is a multipurpose discord bot and currently supports Moderat…