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Random Bots

Hill Climb Racing 2's Avatar

Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game. Trying to bring hill climb…

BMO's Avatar

BMO is a feature-rich Discord Bot with Music, Games, NSFW and mo…

Cat Bot's Avatar

Cat Bot
A super simple bot that finds you a photo of a cat or possibly a…

Yuski's Avatar

Bot made for romanians (Bot facut pentru romani)

Rock Paper Scissors's Avatar

Rock Paper Scissors
Welcome to the Rock Paper Scissors bot! With this bot you can pl…

Smartu's Avatar

Smartu... A moderation, music, some funny and games Discord bot.…

Random Servers

Hyperplex's Icon

FPS/Shooter focused community - COD, BF, Apex, Destiny 2, R6 Sie…

ManiaBots™'s Icon

Official support server for ManiaBots™


We are the support server of ELECTRO bot aswell as a Bot Develop…

Normie Squad's Icon

Normie Squad
We are a multi-focus Gaming/meme community that provides a place…

Badly Drawn Letters's Icon

Badly Drawn Letters
Server with badly drawn letter emojis

Random Templates

Sunflower's Icon

Sunflower themed kinda themed server!

Developer's Community's Icon

Developer's Community
If you want to create a Developer community, the Template that w…

University Class Groupchat's Icon

University Class Groupchat
Create a groupchat for your university/highschool class, to stud…

League of Legends's Icon

League of Legends
Want to have a "League of Legends" server? This template is just…

Backup ignite Support's Icon

Backup ignite Support
Server template for discord bot support server