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Random Bots

XVidros's Avatar

XVidros is a brazilian NSFW bot bringing adult content with good…

D-Safe's Avatar

Bot dedicated to moderation, security, utility and protecting yo…

Xerox's Avatar

The most easy to use Discord bot! Moderation | Loging | Fun | Me…

T_Music_Bot's Avatar

A bot mainly focused on music playing and good quality.

Discord Mining Simulator's Avatar

Discord Mining Simulator
Play Minecraft in Discord. Updates and events all the time! No p…

Yuki's Avatar

This bot is customizable and made for fun, moderation, and more …

Random Servers

chill area's Icon

chill area
trying to grow a big community come hang out!

Attack on Titan Hub's Icon

Attack on Titan Hub
Join our Attack on Titan Hub Discord community server! Themed fo…

Chill Out Zone's Icon

Chill Out Zone
Chill Out Zone is all about making new friends, participating in…

Turtle's Projects's Icon

Turtle's Projects
Development on Turtle’s Projects

Chilltopia's Icon

Chilltopia! One of the best (and only) servers that support chil…

Kalel™ - House 🏡's Icon

Kalel™ - House 🏡
Bem-vindo ao nosso Discord, um servidor de suporte para todos os…

Random Templates

Study Groups's Icon

Study Groups
Teach and learn together: Stream lessons, ask questions, and stu…

LGBT hangout server template's Icon

LGBT hangout server template
Basic LGBT-friendly server template

Global Communities's Icon

Global Communities
Gather friends across the world: Coordinate, share resources, an…

Creators & Hobbies's Icon

Creators & Hobbies
Create together: Collaborate, ideate, and show your stuff.

Friends & Family's Icon

Friends & Family
Make a home, have fun, and hang out.

Professor Oak's Classes Template's Icon

Professor Oak's Classes Template
The official classroom template by Discord.