Discord Multipurpose Bots

Our full list of Discord multipurpose bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Elevate's Avatar

Elevate is a versatile, multipurpose bot with moderation command…

AsterieBot's Avatar

Divination made accessible! I provide in-depth meanings via Taro…

Jasmine's Avatar

Jasmine Provides a fun economy and RPG game developed by Mirabel…

Digibot's Avatar

A do it all bot, with moderation, logging, and random commands.…

T_Moderator_Bot's Avatar

This bot contains Moderation, Fun, Search, Economy, and Support …

Hoang's Avatar

moderasyon ,eğlence ve sunucu sistemleri ile Hoang Geri Döndü!!!…

My Darling Mom's Avatar

My Darling Mom
My Darling Mom the perfect family friendly bot! - You will never…

Monti Captcha Bot's Avatar

Monti Captcha Bot
Monti Captcha Bot ▹ Monti Bots Created By ☜MontiKasta™☞ ▹It is n…

star's Avatar

this is a discord bot that has many features like logging and ec…

TODO Bot's Avatar

Simple, efficient and most importantly elegant TODO Bot. A virtu…

Oogie Boogie's Avatar

Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie Bot can monitor activity, manage your server with a…

Shil6h's Avatar

A simple captcha human verification bot.

Power Glove's Avatar

Power Glove
Another random stuff bot, it draws molecular structures, it crea…

Plus's Avatar

Wormy is the brand new bot that has everything that your server …