Discord Economy Bots

Our full list of Discord economy bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Welcome-Bot's Avatar

A cool multi-purpose discord bot that solves all your problems. …

Discortics™'s Avatar

Requirement Giveaways | Application | Invite Message Voice Track…

Rexy The Dragon's Avatar

Rexy The Dragon
An RPG Dragon World Discord Bot, PVM/PVP Modes, create your drag…

Orange Bot's Avatar

Orange Bot
A fruit-themed bot with fun and useful commands, and even a econ…

megaton.'s Avatar

A powerful yet simple moderation bot, with the user's ease in mi…

YourBetterAssistant's Avatar

Fish is enjoyable but AI help is more. https://dsc.gg/betterassi…

Cyber#9721's Avatar

A multi-purpose bot for charting. TradingLite Heatmaps. TradingV…

TriviaBot's Avatar

TriviaBot is a Trivia/Quiz bot with over 120,000 questions, tea…

KokNut's Avatar

An advanced music bot with lots of side features and tools

Emerald bot's Avatar

Emerald bot
Emerald is a multipurpose bot that allows you to manage your ser…

TomatenKuchen's Avatar

Multipurpose multilanguage bot with unique features for your Dis…

Penty's Avatar

Penty is a multifunction bot, It comes equipped with a huge vari…

BattleGrounds's Avatar

Buy boxes, find guns and items, complete missions, attack your f…

Obama's Avatar

A featured-rich Multifunction Discord Bot Equipped with a variet…