Discord welcome bot

A discord.js bot that sends a welcome message when a new user joins

Welcome-bot is a bot built for you, to welcome new users to your servers mainly. Customization of welcome messages, in which channel do you want it to send welcome message, etc. can be done easily.

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Customizable Settings

Adjust the settings to fit all the needs of your server! You can select the channel to send welcome logs to, the welcome log message, the prefix of the bot for this server, and more…

Reliable and High Quality

With our revolutionary infrastructure implementation, we’re proud to achieve absolute 100% uptime! (but still only 99.9% uptime when we upgrade the bot to a new version). This means that Welcome-Bot will always be online, and ready to relay messages between your server staff and users!


We also give you a feature "Moderation" that hepls you to quickly ban, unban and kick users.

Open Source

We are an open source project on GitHub. Don’t believe what we’ve said earlier? Check out the source code for yourself! This means the maximum level of transparency, so you’ll never have to worry about privacy concerns.


Check out the docs on the site

Important note: Remember to read the privacy policy and terms of service in the documentaion before inviting the bot.


These are the commands currently available:

Setup commands

  • channel
    • set - Set welcome channel, channel to send message
    • get - Get currently set welcome channel
    • reset - Reset channel back to default value
  • message
    • set - Set welcome message
    • get - Get currently set welcome message
    • reset - Reset message back to default value
  • prefix
    • set - Set bot prefix
    • get - Get currently set bot prefix
    • reset - Reset prefix back to default value

Moderation commands



For more info on these commands, visit our site

Default values

Default message

The default welcome message is Welcome {mention} to the {server} server!\nYou are our #{members} member. Some placeholders can be used here, for info on those placeholders, click here

Default channel

The default welcome channel is set to new-members, commonly used welcome channels are:

  • welcome
  • new-members
  • member-log

Inviting the bot

The bot requires the following permissions:

  • Read messages OR View channels (both are same)
  • Send messages
  • Read Message History

Additionally if you want Moderation feature to work, you will need to give:

  • Ban Members
  • Kick Members

To include the moderation feature, use this invite link:


To invite the bot with all the necessary required permissions except permissions for moderation feature mentioned above you can use this invitation link:


Setting up the channel

You can to have a channel named new-members, the bot will check for channel named new-members by default.

You can change this channel name, by using the channel set command, more info can be found in docs for commands

Self hosting

Click here to see self-hosting docs


Do you have question? Don't hesitate to join our discord server and ask for help.


You can find the contributing guidelines here