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Prefix flare
Library discord.js
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┊--> This is Flare, a quality-first Discord bot.

┊Flare is about quality, not quantity.

┊We work almost every day to improve the bot and make it even better.

┊We also try to come up with original idea's instead of making ripoffs of other dev's code.

┊--> Example of the commands.

flare meme

┊⬆️ Upvotes: 37 Upvotes

┊👥 Subreddit: r/me_irl

┊👤 Author: u/reddit

┊📝 Title: me_irl

meme image here

┊❲ Another One ❳ ❲ Link ❳

┊─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

flare help

┊About Me: Flare is a Discord bot...

┊Prefix: My prefix is "flare " example...

┊Navigate: Use the dropdown menu to...

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┊❲ Select a page ⬇︎ ❳

┊--> Our economy system.

┊We tried our best to make a quality-first economy system... about dogs.

┊Our economy system does not contain robbing and other things to fight players.

┊Unlock better commands by buying helper doggo's, hunter doggo's, etc.

┊We even have a daily command that gives you a random amount of a random currency.

┊No streaks required.

┊Our community loves the new economy system and you could try it too!

┊It even works in Flare's DM's.

┊--> Why choose us?

┊Our Discord bot is made for privacy, not tracking everyone. Learn more.

┊We support new dev's with guides, tutorials and help from the staff team in our support server.

┊Flare is not our first bot, we have years experience making bots.

┊--> Join us on our Discord.

┊Join us in our support server here.

┊We allow members to send us their bots to add them in the community bots channels.

┊--> Even more commands.

┊// Moderation

flare clear, flare ban, flare kick, flare slowmode

┊// Auto Moderation

flare antiinvite, flare antiswear, flare antiurl

┊// Utility

flare screenshot [url] [full], flare afk [message], flare gold

┊// Fun

flare ai, flare meme, flare bal, flare beg, flare shop,

flare work, flare hunt, flare search, flare baker, flare bake,

flare mine, flare research, flare show, flare daily, flare mail

┊// Other

flare quickreact, flare counting

┊// Disclaimer

This list will not be kept up to date,

please check the help command for more information.

┊--> Our Links

┊If you are interested in the Discord bot, please invite the bot here,

┊Join our support server here,

┊View our privacy policy here,

┊And donate to us here.

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