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A multifunctional bot that delivers the type of interaction, utility and moderation you want in your server.

Prefix e?
Servers ???
Privacy Policy e?privacy
Owner Joshye#4111
Editors Moksej#3335,&nbs

Esquire provides everyone with a user-friendly bot that can be used for improvement of interaction between users in a community server, or for utility for servers that are in need of some light help. Aside from that, Esquire also provides a bunch of moderation- and other type of commands to use for your community.

We offer:

  • moderation (ban/kick/softban/purge/unban)
  • Utility (id/servericon/serverinfo/userinfo/encoding/decoding base64 or binary and so on)
  • interaction commands in the form of slash- and normal commands (hug/kiss/snuggle/lick and so on)

Esquire is owned by Foxx.