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Buy boxes, find guns and items, complete missions, attack your friends and rob them. Compete globally with other players in our battle mode

Prefix bg
Bibliotek discord.js
Servrar ???
Ägare bhavya#9855


BattleGrounds is a fun bot where you can buy and open boxes to find guns and ammunition, complete missions, attack friends and rob their guns and money. Once you feel you have enough strong weapons, you can fight against users all over the world and climb up the leaderboard to become the champion.


Multiplayer Battle Mode

Compete with players all over the world and rise up the ranks. bg battle

Challenge Your Friends

Challenge your friends to a 1v1 match with items or money at stake. bg challenge @user 20000 bg challenge @user 10 legendary box

Open Boxes

Open up boxes to find guns and ammunition. bg use 30 legendary box

Attack Your Friends

Attack your friends and steal their items. bg use akm @user

Complete Missions

Complete daily missions and get big rewards. bg missions

There are a ton of other commands to keep you busy. Head on to this link and invite the bot to your own server. Type bg help and bg guide to get started.