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Murder Mystery Bot

Are you bored and want to play Murder Mystery? Well this is the bot for you! You can play Murder Mystery with Murder Mystery Bot!

Prefix mm!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy mm!privacy
Owner Firee#7982

The provided bot prefix is too long.
Prefix: mm! (Customizable through mm!settings prefix)

Command List

Regular Commands

Command Desc Permission
Invites Murder Mystery Bot 1
Shows the info of Murder Mystery's shards! 1
Shows my stats. 1
Change the settings for Murder Mystery Bot! 3
Found a bug? Report it and we will try and fix it asap! 1
Wanna join the MMB server? You can with this command! 1
The global games command! 1
Use a taunt! (Global Games Ingame command) 1
Leave a global games game (Ingame global games command) 1
Want to suggest something for the future update of MMB? Well this is the command! 1
View the privacy policy for Murder Mystery Bot! 1

Game Commands

Command Desc Permission
Shows the detail of the game and how to play I guess 1
mm!game rules
Shows you the rules of the game! 1
Shows the amount of players! 1
mm!game start
Starts a game. Hoster
mm!game fixgame
Attempts to fix the game! Hoster
mm!game force <@user> [role]
Forces the user you mention in a certain role. (Disabled) Hoster
mm!game join
Joins the current game. 1
mm!game addhostrole [role-name]
Add your host role to the database! || If it resets, do the command again! 3
mm!game leave
Leaves the game. 1
mm!game gamestart
Starts the game! [{It will delete the channels, so don't worry about channels. The roles will stay.}] Hoster
mm!game stop
Stops the game Hoster

In-game Commands (PS you can use id at the end if you want to use user ids)

Command Desc Permission
mm!kill <@user>
Kill a user! Murderer
mm!search <@user>
Search the user to see if they are the murderer! Detective
Send a global broadcast. Broadcaster
mm!votehang <@user>
Vote to kill the person if you think they are suspicious! The people who are playing.
mm!jail <@user>
Jail a person to interrigate them Jailor
mm!execute <@user>
Execute the user if they are suspicious... Jailor
mm!heal <@user>
Bring the user back from the dead! Healer
mm!lastwill [will]
When you die or get hung, there will be a lastwill message to all the users to see before you actually die. The user who needs a last will.
Have enough gold? Well you can buy an item! The people who are playing.
mm!item <@user>
Bought an item? Well you can use your item! The people who are playing.
mm!darkitem <@user>
Use dark item to use special powers that only the murderer can use! Murderer
mm!darkbuy <@user>
Buy an item from the Dark Shop! Murderer

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