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Martine is a multipurpose bot that can boost the member engagement of your server! Leveling, giveaways, streams alerts and so much more to discover!

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Servers 33,668
Owner Predä#1001

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Martine comes with various features for you and your server, such as:


Increase your members engagment with an advanced leveling system, including many settings from exp, to channels/roles ignore, or roles rewards


Host community giveaways with a simple prompt that will walk you through setting up your giveaway, with configurable defaults, and reroll function

Games Stats

Get your stats and more informations from multiple games, including League of Legends, Rocket League, Osu, Fortnite and Minecraft!


Tons of nsfw categories to view images with a simple command, send images to anyone who consents to receive, or send images automatically to any nsfw channel


Random images of anything, from cats and ducks, to memes and nekos, to wallpapers and art, and any search from Imgur, Giphy or any subreddit


A global economy, collectible cookies per server, detailed weather and forecasts for any location, and users interaction commands such as hug, pat, or ship

Welcoming Members

Say welcome (or goodbye) to your members with an rendered image (or just a simple message) using the imgwelcome and welcomeset commands

Streams Alerts

Notify when a Twitch or YouTube stream is going live, and ping a role or @everyone/@here with the streamalert command


Moderation tools to help you and your moderators with kick, ban and mute commands, as well as extensive logging options

Slash Commands

  • /giveaway create | Optional use_config
    Create a giveaway.
    • use_config: Wether you want to use already set config values. Default to False.
    /giveaway end message
    Ends a giveaway early.
    • message: The message jump URL or ID of the giveaway.
    /giveaway reroll message | Optional count
    Re-roll a giveaway.
    • message: The message jump URL or ID of the giveaway.
    • count: The number of winners to re-roll. Default is 1.

    /giveaway list
    List the running giveaways in that server.

    /giveaway config show
    Shows the current giveaway settings of this server.

    /giveaway config resetall
    Reset all settings.

    /giveaway config channel | Optional channelvalue
    Sets the channel where giveaways will run.
    • channelvalue: The channel where the giveaways will be sent. Don't specify to reset.
    /giveaway config host | Optional uservalue
    Set the default host/author.
    • uservalue: The user that will be default giveaway host. Don't specify to reset.
    /giveaway config emoji | Optional emojivalue
    Set the default reaction emoji.
    • emojivalue: The emoji that will be default giveaway emoji. Don't specify to reset.
    /giveaway config joindays | Optional daysvalue
    Set the default requirement for number of days required to be in the server to join the giveaway.
    • daysvalue: The days value that will be default for giveaways. Don't specify to reset.
    /giveaway config roles | Optional role1 role2 role3 role4 role5
    Set the default roles requirement.
    • role1: First required role. Don't specify to reset.
    • role2: Second required role.
    • role3: Third required role.
    • role4: Fourth required role.
    • role5: Fifth required role.
    /giveaway config winners | Optional winnersvalue
    Set the default number of winners.
    • winnersvalue: The number of winners that will be default for giveaways. Don't specify to reset.
    /giveaway config bypassrole | Optional rolevalue
    Set the default bypass role.
    • rolevalue: The role that will be default bypass role for giveaways.
  • /info user | Optional user
    Shows information about a user.
    • user: The user you want information about.

    /info server info
    Shows information about the server.

    /info server assets
    Shows the server image(s).

    /info server badges
    Shows the total of users badges in this server.

    /info channel | Optional channel
    Shows information about a channel. Default to current.
    • channel: The channel you want information about.
    /info role role
    Shows information about a role.
    • role: The role you want information about.
    /info emoji emoji
    Shows information about a emoji.
    • emoji: The emoji you want information about.
  • /invite
    Sends the invitation link of the bot, and some other important links.

  • /lvlbackgrounds
    Shows available profile backgrounds.

  • /lvlset show
    Shows the current settings of this server.

    /lvlset toggle
    Enable/disable leveling in this server.

    /lvlset setlvl level member
    Set manually the level of a member.
    • level: The level to give to the member.
    • member: The member to update its level. (Min. 1 and max. 9999)
    /lvlset resetlvl member
    Reset level and exp of a selected member.
    • member: The member to reset levels and exp.
    /lvlset resetrep member
    Reset reputation points of a selected member.
    • member: The member to reset reputation points.

    /lvlset resetlvlall
    Reset level and exp of all stored members.

    /lvlset resetrepall
    Reset reputation points of all stored members.

    /lvlset roles mode
    Set if members will only have the higher role reward, or if it will be cumulative.

    /lvlset roles add level role
    Adds a reward role.
    • level: The level on which you want to bind the role.
    • role: The role that will be added for this level.
    /lvlset roles remove level
    Removes a reward role.
    • level: The level on which the role is currently binded.
    /lvlset lvlup destination | Optional thedestination
    Set the destination of level up messages.
    • thedestination: member for member's DMs, current for current lvlup channel, or channel ID/mention.
    /lvlset lvlup message | Optional msg
    Set the level up message
    • msg: You can use `[member]` for member mention, and `[lvl]` for the level the member reached.
    /lvlset exp rate ratevalue
    Set the exp rate/multiplier. From 0.1 to 5.0. Default to 1.0.
    • ratevalue: The exp rate to set.
    /lvlset exp message minimum maximum
    Set how much exp will be given for a message sent.
    • minimum: The minimum exp that will be given. (Max. 200)
    • maximum: The maximum exp that will be given. (Max. 200)
    /lvlset exp cooldown cooldownvalue
    [Server Premium Silver] Set the exp cooldown in seconds. Default to 60.
    • cooldownvalue: The cooldown value (in seconds) to set. Must be between 10s and 21600s. Default is 60.
    /lvlset exp msglength lengthvalue
    [Server Premium Silver] Set minimum message length for exp gain.
    • lengthvalue: The minimum message length value to set. Must be between 1 and 1500. Default is 20.
    /lvlset ignore addchannel channelvalue
    Add a channel where members will not get exp.
    • channelvalue: The channel to add to the ignore list. Must be a text channel.
    /lvlset ignore rmchannel channelvalue
    Remove an ignored channel.
    • channelvalue: The channel to remove from the ignore list. Must be a text channel.
    /lvlset ignore addrole rolevalue
    Add a role where members will not get exp.
    • rolevalue: The role to add to the ignore list.
    /lvlset ignore rmrole rolevalue
    Remove an ignored role.
    • rolevalue: The role to remove from the ignore list.
    /lvlset rep cooldown cooldownvalue
    Set the rep cooldown in seconds.
    • cooldownvalue: The rep cooldown value. Default is 5 minutes (300s).

    /lvlset rep mention
    Set wether or not the rep member will be mentionned.

  • /lvltop
    Shows top 10 of levels of this server.

  • /nsfw | Optional category
    Get nsfw images of many categories! (Only works in NSFW channels)
    • category: The image category.
  • /ping
    Shows the latency estimation of the bot (for the current cluster).

  • /prefix
    Sends the available prefixes on this server.

  • /profile | Optional member
    Shows your profile or the one of another member.
    • member: The member that you want to see the profile of.
  • /profileset show
    Shows your current profile settings.

    /profileset background category image_id
    Set your profile background. It cost 2,000 marts at each change. Default is abstract 1.
    • category: The background category name.
    • image_id: The background image ID.
    /profileset color colorvalue
    Set the secondary color. Use color names, or hex codes prefixed with `#`.
    • colorvalue: The color value.
    /profileset description | Optional descriptionvalue
    Change your description. Reset by don't providing a description.
    • descriptionvalue: The description value.

    /profileset resetrep
    Reset your reputation points.

  • /rep member
    Give a reputation point to a member of this server.
    • member: The member to give a reputation point.
  • /reptop
    Shows top 10 of rep of this server.

  • /roleplay interactiontype member
    Interact with other members.
    • interactiontype: The interaction type.
    • member: The member you want to interact with.
  • /ship firstmember | Optional secondmember
    Shows the love percentage between two persons.
    • firstmember: First member.
    • secondmember: Second member.
  • /stickerinfo

  • /userinfo

  • /vote
    Sends the links to upvote Martine on bot lists.