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Multi-purpose, open source bot with many integrations, utilities, moderation & more

Prefix @Fire / $ / Custom
Servers ???
Owner Geek#8405

A Discord bot for all your needs.
With memes, music, moderation & more,
Fire is the only bot you'll need.


The default prefix is $ but you can change this by doing $prefix (surround it in "" if you want spaces). You can also mention the bot to use commands @Fire#0682 meme. Use the help command to see a list of commands and do $help for more info and usage. Fire is currently in beta so things may break from time to time.


For support, join the support discord;


NOTE: Support will not be provided if you attempt to self-host Fire. It is NOT recommended!

Built With


  • Geek aka GamingGeek - Main Developer - GamingGeek