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Arithmetic calculator, profile picture image modification, Minecraft guessing game, typing races, smart auto mod, chatbot and so much more!

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Botbadi is a multipurpose Discord bot that features commands in moderation, music, images, gaming, math and so much more. Type %help for all the commands and you'll be glad you did.


We will begin with the interesting commands. These require a bit of brainpower compared to the others.

Command Description
botbadiTalk to the chatbot by including botbadi in your message.
ocr [Image]Recognize text from an image.
predict [Image]I will predict the digit in the image.


Let's take a look at the music commands. Botbadi can search and play songs from YouTube and Spotify as well as file uploads and direct links to audio sources. Most of the classic music commands are here, but there may be bugs now and then.

Command Description
joinJoin your voice channel
play [Keywords]Play from Keywords/URL/file upload
search [Keywords]Perform a YouTube search
pausePause audio
resume or unpauseResume audio
stopStop audio
skipSkip to the next song in queue if any
vol [Num]Change volume/show current volume
npShow the currently playing song
queue [Keywords]Show the music queue/add song to queue
pop Remove a song from the queue
clearClear the queue
leave or disconnectDisconnect from voice channel
debugAttempt to debug the voice client
pluginMore neat features in my music commands


Next, let's take a look at the moderation commands. Although there are fewer commands than other moderation bots, the commands prove to be functioning and easy to use. The user parameter in many of these commands can be in the form of either a mention or the identification number (ID) of the user.

Command Description
whois [User]Display user information
dm {User} {Msg}DM user through me
del [0-100] [User]Delete channel messages
wipe {User}Delete user history (100/channel)
rmr {MsgID}Remove all reactions from a message
mute [User] [Reason]Mute user/set up muted role
unmute {User} [Reason]Unmute user
kick {User} [Reason]Kick user
ban {User} [Reason]Ban user/hack ban user
unban {User ID} [Reason]Unban user
slow [Num] [s/m/h]Set slowmode - max 6 hrs
setConfigure server settings including auto moderation


Similar to other popular Discord bots, Botbadi can manipulate images in various ways. Surprise your friends by adding filters, mods, and special effects to their profile pictures.

Command Description
suck [User/URL]Get sucked into a black hole at the center
swirl [User/URL]Create a whirlpool effect by rotating the pixels
ripple [User/URL]Create a ripple or wave effect with the image
carve [User/URL]Carve the image on a gray surface
kuwahara [User/URL]Add smoothing to reduce noise but preserve edges
spray [User/URL]Give the image a spray-painted feel
edge [User/URL]Detect edges on images with a simple convolution filter
burn [User/URL]Burn the image like it just came out of the furnace
emboss [User/URL]Generate a 3D print relief effect
sepia [User/URL]Give the image a brownish tone just like the early days
noise [User/URL]Add bits of color over the image
sketch [User/URL]Make it look like an artist sketched it
png [Text]Generate a PNG image with your text
triggered [User/URL]Well someone is triggered (returns a GIF)
sharp [User/URL]Sharpen up an image making it more vivid
jail [User/URL]They broke the law. They pay the consequences.
rain [User/URL]It's raining, very sad times indeed...
bright [User/URL]Discord light theme flashbacks...oww my eyes!
dark [User/URL]Turn the brightness down real low
invert [User/URL]Invert the colors of an image
updown [User/URL]Turn an image upside down, or 180 degrees
blur [User/URL]Gaussian blur an image (basically blurring it)
pixel [User/URL]Pixelate an image (like blurring but broader)
gray [User/URL]Grayscale an image (I know, everyone's least favorite)


Botbadi has a rather basic currency system, but many users find it addicting. Users can earn coins by completing tasks such as completing a typing challenge or solving a math problem and spend their earnings on cool items from the shop. This feature is still developing as more jobs and products are added.

Command Description
bal [User]Balance (do first if a new user)
inv [User]Fetch someone's inventory
richShow richest users in the server
shopVisit the shop to spend your coins
bakeBake something for 1-5 coins
h.gamesAny multiplayer for 10-20 coins
h.mathAny math game for 20-30 coins
type or work20s typing game for 90-120 coins

And More

This bot also comes with a few multiplayer games to get your Discord servers up and running with guessing games focused on Minecraft items and celebrities. It also comes equipped with memes, jokes, and interesting facts to keep you entertained. It is the all-around bot that will add a little bit of everything to its servers. There were numerous other fun commands and features that weren't described in detail here and it's up to you to discover them!

If you are experiencing any issues, never hesitate to contact the developer:
Email: [email protected]
Discord: bossbadi#3371
Support server: