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An AI-Powered anime rater. Just use `/rate_anime` to get ratings! Powered by the Jikan API (

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Servers 100

A small bot which makes use of multiple AIs created off of real people's anime ratings which can give fairly accurate scores for any anime on MyAnimeList ( Also contains functionality for getting and scoring a random anime on the site and for requesting scores from any of the individual AIs that make up this bot.

This bot uses Discord's built-in slash commands and message interactions as the sole way of interacting with the bot. To view all the commands, press / and click on the bot's icon on the left of the command window.

A full list of commands are also below:

/info - Returns some basic information on the bot

Anime Commands:

/rate_anime - Ask all of the AIs to rate an anime, average score & highest/lowest scores are shown

/random_anime - Selects a random anime and rates it. Output is identical to rate_anime

/ask_ai - Asks a specific AI in the bot to rate an anime. Only that AI's rating is returned This is useful if you've added your list to the bot, see /link_mal

/auto_recommend [#channel] - Configure the automatic recommender for the server. Requires you to have the Manage Server permissions

Linking commands:

/link_mal - Sends your anime list to be turned into an AI. This will not happen immediately

/unlink_mal - Deletes your list from the bot, if you have submitted one

/update_consent - Change whether you want your MAL username to appear publicly or not

There are also two context menu entries that can be used to get ratings from a link in a message:

Rate Link - Rates a MAL link anywhere in the message as if /rate_link was used

Rate Link (Private) - Same as Rate Link but only displays the output to you. Useful if you want a rating but don't want to disrupt the conversation with the embed

All Usernames that appear in any of the bot's responses are visible at the consent of the account's owner. Usernames can be hidden at any time at the account owner's request

The ratings of this bot might not be 100% accurate. (Most individual AIs give scores correct by about 1 or 2 points) When getting anime from this bot, please read over the reviews on MyAnimeList as well. They might help you further find out if the show is good or not