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RILP BOT helps you with moderation, invite tracking, giveaway, welcome and leave messages, and many more.

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Library discord.js
Servers 186


RILP BOT is designed with the aim to maximize features with a simple and easy-to-use interface. RILP BOT provides moderation, logging, advance giveaways, an invite manager, and a nice custom welcome message for your new members.

RILP BOT is the only bot you will ever need. If RILP BOT does not satisfy your needs for any reason, please tell us, so that we can all make RILP BOT better, together.


Top 5 Features

  1. Automoderation - It helps you keep your server clean from spammers. RILP BOT has the ability to detect excessive caps, excessive emojis, zalgo, excessive mentions, bad words, and more.

  2. Reaction Roles - RILP BOT provides reaction and button roles so that your community can get any role they desire by just pressing a button or a reaction. There are various role options starting from Normal to Verify, Unique, etc.

  3. Announcement - RILP BOT offers a very customizable welcome and leave message option. You can add a welcome image that will be sent along with the welcome message and the welcome image can be GIF too if you have premium.

  4. Invite Tracking - The most advanced invite tracking is offered by RILP BOT, it can detect fake or suspicious accounts easily.

  5. Verification - Do you want to keep your server protected from raiders? RILP BOT has got your back with its advanced verification system offering verification in both ways Image Verification by sending a captcha to new members or Web Verification.

  6. Starboard - Your community members' memes are amazing? And want to keep them in a separate channel for everyone? RILP BOT's starboard is the perfect thing for that, it helps the community to grow by sending the messages that reach the star limit in a separate channel for all of the servers and preserving it as a memory.