Discord Moderation Bots

Our full list of Discord moderation bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Hunter Bot's Avatar

Hunter Bot
This bot has almost everything you need! Moderation system, Tick…

Cosmos's Avatar

Welcome Banners [GIF], Role Shop, Text & Voice Levelling, Reacti…

Gnarge Beta's Avatar

Gnarge Beta
Türkçe discord botu! Sunucu kurulum özellikleri ve daha fazlası!…

FireOfEternity's Avatar

FireOfEternity Bot Türkçe - (Auto Role - Sayaç) Sunucu Koruma Si…

Katellynn's Avatar

Sou a Katellynn, um bot de moderação brasileiro simples e eficie…

Kakashi Hatake's Avatar

Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake es un bot de entretenimiento dedicado a el entret…

DreamCatcher's Avatar

Catches your dreams and presents huge functional fun. You can al…

Arcane's Avatar

The best leveling bot on discord. Create rewards, set a levelup …

ISO Giveaway's Avatar

ISO Giveaway
Türkçe gelişmiş Çekiliş botu. | Turkish advanced Giveaway bot.

Monti Captcha Bot's Avatar

Monti Captcha Bot
Monti Captcha Bot ▹ Monti Bots Created By ☜MontiKasta™☞ ▹It is n…

Martine's Avatar

Martine is a multifunction bot, that can play high quality music…

Kettu's Avatar

Kettu is a safe for work furry bot with a plethora of social and…

Xardia's Avatar

A bot that has image manipulation commands. He can also send Dog…

Deepy's Avatar

This is a discord bot that can show memes, get jokes, ban users,…