Discord Music Bots

Our full list of Discord music bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Goat's Avatar

Goat is an all purpose Discord bot. Use Goat for server administ…

Bizkit's Avatar

A Utility bot with Music, Tickets, a Starboard, and more.

Accord's Avatar

A discord bot for all multi purpose works!

Voice Master's Avatar

Voice Master
The best voice channel bot with automatic voice channel manageme…

Ayaya's Avatar

Ayaya is a multipurpose bot with informative, funny, action, mod…

YourBetterAssistant's Avatar

Fish is enjoyable but AI help is more. https://dsc.gg/betterassi…

Little Music's Avatar

Little Music
A Lavalink Powered Music Bot with Reaction Controls, Autoplay, Y…

deKiro''s Avatar

Hola, soy deKiro, un bot multifunción completamente en Español c…

Strider™'s Avatar

Giveaways, Moderation, Logging, AutoMod and More!

blink's Avatar

A general use bot designed for simplicity and usability

Shi music's Avatar

Shi music
simple and easy to use Discord music bot delivering high quality…

Ami's Avatar

A global currency system, pet's, items, welcome system, music 24…

Ser Aymeric's Avatar

Ser Aymeric
High quality, professional, fully customisable & feature rich Di…

Mizar's Avatar

I'm a free, multipurpose Discord bot that provides everything ne…