Discord Economy Bots

Our full list of Discord economy bots. All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Wizard Murphy's Avatar

Wizard Murphy
A new and small bot that has a fair economy system for your disc…

Bubbly's Avatar

A special economy bot that can make your server ever so much mor…

MyGallery's Avatar

MyGallery is a unique bot that offers users the possibility to h…

Ami's Avatar

A global currency system, pet's, items, welcome system, music 24…

YourBetterAssistant's Avatar

Fish is enjoyable but AI help is more. https://dsc.gg/betterassi…

MarksBot's Avatar

Various commands including ability to view twitch channel info -…

Evie✨'s Avatar

Evie is a public moderation/music/fun/economy/utility bot for Di…

Trash Memer's Avatar

Trash Memer
Bring some good Memes to your Server!

KokNut's Avatar

An advanced music bot with lots of side features and tools

uwubot's Avatar

A cute bot with currency that’s very uwu!

Rexy The Dragon's Avatar

Rexy The Dragon
An RPG Dragon World Discord Bot, PVM/PVP Modes, create your drag…

Bloody's Avatar

Merkava botu daha çok moderasyon ve ayar komutları üzerine kurul…

TriviaBot's Avatar

TriviaBot is a Trivia/Quiz bot with over 120,000 questions, tea…

megaton.'s Avatar

A powerful yet simple moderation bot, with the user's ease in mi…

Truck Simulator's Avatar

Truck Simulator
Innovative Truck Simulator wrapped into a discord application. D…