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G.A.S Bot

G.A.S Bot: A bot to remove and protect you from the letter G.

Prefix h!
Library discord.js
Servers ???

G.A.S Bot

G.A.S Bot was created to defeat the letter G.

G Removal

By default, it removes standalone G, but by usinq h!detector this can be chanqed to one of these options:


Lowest option, deletes a messaqe if it only consists of G. Detects g but not test g test


Default option, only detects G if it's outside words. Detects test g test but not germany. Recommended option


Hiqhest option, detects G even inside words. Detects germany and message. Useful if your server is beinq raided by g-spies


The bot is written in Discord.JS and hosted on GalaxyGate, if you see any buqs, please tell us in the Support Server!


For a list of commands, use h!help.


Loq is not workinq, what do I do?

Use h!loqs to set up a loqs channel, if the bot doesn't find a channel, it will not loq anythinq.


Because G is evil and must be destroyed.