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Multi Functional Bot Containing Advanced Logging And Many Features Including, XP System, Ticket System, Welcome/Goodbye Messages, Suggestion System, Auto Moderation, And Much More To Come!

Prefix r!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy /privacy
Owner emerald#9999


Multi Functional Bot Containing Advanced Logging And Many Utility like features.


  • Logging
    • Channel Creates, Channel Deletes, Channel Updates, Channel Topic Update
    • Emoji Creates, Emoji Deletes, Emoji Updates
    • Message Deletes, Message Edits, Message Pinned
    • Role Deletes, Role Adds, Role Updates Role Creates
    • Ban Adds, Ban Removes, Member Kicks
    • Timeout Adds, Timeout Removes
    • Voice Joins, Voice Moves, Voice Leaves, Nickname Updates
    • Member Joins, Member Leaves, Member Entered
    • Invite Creates, Invite Deletes
    • Thread Creates, Thread Deletes, Thread Updates
    • Server Boosts, Server Unboosts
    • URL Adds, URL Removes, URL Updates
    • Sticker Creates, Sticker Deletes, Sticker Updates
    • Guild Feature Updates, Guild Updates, Guild System Updates
    • Partner Adds, Partner Removes

  • Moderation
    • Anti Bad Words
    • Anti Links
    • Anti Ghost Pings
    • Anti IP Grabber
    • Anti Images
    • Anti Zalgo
    • Anti Server Invites
    • Max Lines
    • Max Mentions
    • Max Role Mentions

  • Misc
    • XP System
    • Suggestion System
    • Welcome Cards
    • Goodbye Cards
    • Ticket System
    • Starboard
    • Captcha System
    • Giveaway System
    • Games System
    • AI Chat Bot

And So Much More...


Message Logging Captcha System Custom Embed Command AI Chat Bot


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