Avatar Unfunny Meme Bot

Unfunny Meme Bot

This bot makes making, editing and sharing memes in the discord enviroment and from the discord enviroment easy.

Prefix $
Library discord.py
Server ???
Pemilik trimixnxx#0386

Unfunny Meme Bot can use, as the base image of a meme, basically anything:


  • ImpactMeme gives the base image with a bottom text and an upper text with the classic Impact meme font

    • $ImpactMeme @OptionalUserTag
    • Upper text
    • Bottom text

  • MotivationalMeme gives the base image with the classic motivational meme style

    • $MotivationalMeme @OptionalUserTag
    • Upper text
    • Bottom text

  • MusicMeme gives a five seconds video with only static image being the base image and the music being the chosen song ID

    • $MusicMeme Song ID

  • ChangePrefix if used by the server admins changes the bot's prefix (it gets also shown in the bot's name)

    • $ChangePrefix prefix

  • Help gives general instructions on the bot (if used alone) or, if given a command name, specific instructions about the command

    • $help optional command name

  • Info gives general info about the bot

    • $info