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Honii is a multipurpose bot created to keep your server alive.

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Library discord.js
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Information about Honii

Honii is a multipurpose bot created to keep your server alive. It has things like economy, music, moderation, giveaways, and much more.



Honii has an economy system where people can work, receive weekly rewards, place bets, and deposit or transfer money. (Premium users are given the possibility to receive a weekly reward)


It also has a giveaway system where you can start, launch the giveaway, finish it early and create a giveaway interactively.


You can listen to your favorite songs through Honii. (Premium servers are given the ability to change the volume of the player)


It has a set of moderation tools. With Honii you can delete messages, expel or ban members, mute, mute temporarily, block a channel so that no one writes, among other things.


With Honii you will have the possibility to register some events that occur on your server such as: Server name change, a user edits or deletes his message, there is a new ban on the server, among other events.


Honii is also used to manage suggestions. Members of your server can submit suggestions, and members in charge of suggestions can approve or reject them.

Among other features

If you want to know what other features Honii has, I suggest you invite it and when it is already inside your server use the following command: .help and you will see all the categories ❤


You can adjust the language of Honii. The languages ​​available so far are: Spanish, French and English.