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Mining Simulator

Play Minecraft in Discord. Updates and events all the time! No pay to win!

Prefix m!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner XkijuX#6667


  - m!start - Start your adventure by using this command!
  - m!help - Our wizard will help you with the different commands!
  - m!mine - Its always time to mine
  - m!repair - Used when times go dark
  - m!profile - Shows you what you got
  - m!pickaxe - Get the best collection
  - m!craft - Craft the best pickaxe
  - m!top - Be on top of the leaderboards
  - m!info - Gives you info about the bot
  - m!enchant - Mine faster and get more loot!
  - m!vote - Vote to get a crate!
  - m!crate - Open your crate
  - m!event - Event Info