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Boomy is a multipurpose bot designed for smaller servers.

Prefix boomy [command]
Library JDA
Servers 2
Owner boom#5757

General Information

The main command for the bot is boomy [command]. Or alternatively @Boomy [command] A full list of the bots commands and what they do can be found on it's home page. (An alias can also be set by guild admins later).

Command Rundown

At the time of writing, there are 28 documented commands; here are a few notable ones (please note these must all be suffixed by boomy [command] where [command] is the command you are running

  • help • The help command, gives you a list of commands ;)
  • quote • Quotes a discord chat link in a fancy embed - Or searches for the last one sent.
  • color • Generates a random color or gives you information about one e.g boomy color royalblue.
  • cipher • Lets you pass a text through a few simple ciphers, custom keys soontm
  • redpanda • Sends you a random picture of a red panda, look at how cute they are!

A few moderation commands (You need the "Manage Message" and "Kick Members" permission to use these)

  • clear • Removes the specified quantity of messages from the channel clear 20
  • rolereact • Creates a message which will grant a user a role when they react to it

And finally, the admin commands (for bot configuration)

  • customprefix • Sets the custom prefix for the bot on the server.
  • disable • Disables one of the commands above so they do not run on the server.
  • language • (beta) changes the bot language for your server.

All these commands and more are available in full with longer descriptions and usage examples on the home page. Alternatively use boomy help [command] for more info on a specific command.

Extensive Anime Commands

Yes anime commands, can we ever get enough of them? Aside from the general two commands anime and manga, there are a few customized commands for other related services like;

  • waifu • Generates a random Anime Gurl for your leisure, picture not included
  • husbando • The counterpart, a random anime boy
  • animequote • Gives you a random anime quote from a random anime
  • webtoon • Performs a search on webtoon for various webcomics


A rundown of required permissions

Bot Permissions

Default Permissions (Required)

  • Read/Send Messages • So the bot can see and reply to your messages
  • Embed Links • So the bot can use embeds correctly
  • Attach Files • For commands such as redpanda, used to add files to embeds.

Optional Permissions

  • Read Message History • To delete messages using the clear command
  • Manage Messages • Also part of the clear command, also improves the pagination feature and speeds up navigation on the help page significantly.
  • Manage Roles • Used as part of the rolereact feature, to grant users roles when they react to certain messages.
  • Add External Emojis • To use custom emojis with some of the messages

User Permissions

Normal Commands

No permissions are required for users to use commands in the following categories:

  • Fun
  • Anime
  • General
  • Profile
  • Games
  • Advertising

Moderation Commands

The following permissions are required to use commands in the Moderation category:

  • Manage Messages
  • Kick Members

Admin Commands

The following permissions are required to use commands in the Admin category:

  • Manage Server
  • Manage Permissions
  • Manage Roles


The bot is currently written entirely in English however there are plans to support more languages; currently some translations for zh-hans is in progress (no ETA on when this will be completed however).


Although I support open source, I do not have plans to open source the bot due to the nature of some features. This is also to combat people copying the code directly and claiming it as their own.

Final Words

If you ever need support for features of the bot or are having trouble setting things up, shoot us a message in the support discord, we won't bite!