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Open source, Backup, Button Roles, Select Menu Roles (Dropdown), Watch Together, Moderation and more! Add me!

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Library discord.js
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A multi-purpose bot totally original and open-source.



Autocomplete is a new feature in Discord. With it you can search for something like a Google search, or as in the image below, a movie with the word "batman".



YES! This app is multilingual, help us translate to your language by clicking here.

Backup to your server

This application has, in principle, one of the best features: Backup. Backup your server and restore anytime, all backups are linked to the server owner, not limited to the current server.

Buttons and select menus

Reaction navigation with emojis is a thing of the past, buttons and select menus are here and it is now much more intuitive to navigate pages and categories easily.

With these two new features also came two new ways to distribute roles, enjoy the Button Roles and Select Roles commands to better manage your server.

Buttons and Select Menu

However, it is not limited to these resources, learn more by clicking on the links below.

Complete command list
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