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This is a cool and multi feature bot its free and and easy to use !!

Prefix !!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy !!policy
Owner Dinav#6969



Name Description Usgae Example Aliases
Ban Bans a user from the server !!ban [Mention or ID] [Reason] !!ban @Dinav Being too cool -
Kick Kicks a user from the server !!kick [Mention or ID] [Reason] !!kick @Dinav Rude -
Forceban Bans a user outside the guild and prevent from joining !!forceban [User ID] [Reason] !!forceban 484892489332430 nothing hackban, ipban
Slowmode Sets the slowmode to your own wish !!slowmode [number] !!slowmode 69 slow
Unban Unbans the user from the banned list !!unban [User ID] [Reason] !!unban 43894434893849 Nothing -
Clear Clear the provided amount of messages but the amount should not go above 100 !!clear [Anount] !!clear 69 -
Addrole Adds role to a user with the provided role mention or ID !!addrole [User] [Role] !!addrole @Dinav @Mod giverole, ar
Removerole Removes role from a user with the provided role mention or ID !!removerole [User] [Role] !!removerole @Dinav @Mod takerole
Nickname Changes the nickname of the user with the prvided nickname !!nickname [User] [nickname but if the nickname has space in between use ""] !!nickname @Dinav Blob nick


Name Description Usage Example Aliases
8ball Bot answers the question you ask for !!8ball [Question] !!8ball Is Doggo cool ? -
Ascii Converts texts to ascii format !!ascii [word] !!ascii HI -
PP Welp you know that command no need to explain !!pp [Mention or ID] !!pp @Dinav -
Rps Plays Rock paper scissor with the bot !!rps [Rock / Paper / Scissor] !!rps rock -
Coinflip Flips a coin for you !!coinflip !!coinflip toss
Roll Rolls die for you !!roll !!roll dice
Trumptweet Converts you text to trump's tweet lol !!trumptweet [message] !!trumptweet Hi tt


Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Avatar Give the avatar of the mentioned user or the ID provided !!avatar [Mention or ID] !!avatar @Dinav av, pfp
Covid Gives the covid 19 status of a country !!covid [country name] !!covid Canada corona, rona
Say Bot repeats whatever you say !!say [Something] !!say HI tell
Urban Give the meaning of a word or a phrase using urban dictionary !!urban [Word] !!urban cool -
Weather Gives the weather info of the provided location !!weather [Location] !!weather Alberta -
Youtube Searches youtube for you !!youtube [query] !!youtube closer yt
Embed Echos your message in embed !!embed [text] !!embed Hi -
Translate Translates your word to the provided language !!translate [language that you need the meaning] [Word] !!translate spanish Hi t


Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Meme Sends a random meme from reddit !!meme !!meme -
Dog Sends a random doggo pic !!dog !!dog doggy, doggo
Fox Sends a random fox pic !!fox !!fox -
Bird Sends a random bird pic !!bird !!bird -
Cat Sends a random cat pic !!cat !!cat -
Panda Sends a random panda pic !!panda !!panda -
Koala Sends a random koala pic !!koala !!koala -
Redpanda Sends a ransom red panda pic !!redpanda !!redpanda -


Name Description Usage Example Aliases
Help Gives all the commands I have also the detailed explanation of a command !!help or !!help [command name] !!help meme h, assist
Serverinfo Gives the server information of the messaged server !!serverinfo !!serverinfo si, server
Botinfo Gives the information of the bot !!botinfo !!botinfo bot, info, stats
Whois Gives the information of the user which is mentioned or provided ID !!userinfo [Mention or ID] !!userinfo @Dinav ui, userinfo
Ping Gives the latency and API latency of the bot !!ping !!ping ms, latency
Uptime Gives the uptime of the bot !!uptime !!uptime ut


Name Description Usage Exampe Aliases
Invite Gets the bot's invite link !!invite !!invite -
Support Gets the bot's support servr !!support !!support server