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A multipurpose bot to enhance your Discord server with an antispam, AI, a toxicity filter, and many other features.

Prefix !
Library discord.js
Servers 85
Privacy Policy !privacy


The Bob16077777 Bot is an amazing addition to your Discord server, and will soon be the favorite bot of all your members. It has a wide variety of commands and features, and I will continue to add more.


There are over 75 commands, with five different categories: Fun, Utility, Music, Moderation, and Conversation. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can play games, have a conversation with it, or go on vacation without having to worry about your Discord server turning into a flamewar while you are gone. The bot has it all!

Help Command

The prefix for the bot is '!', and the help command is '!help'. Alternatively, you can also do '!help [command name]' to provide more info on a command, such as its usage, cooldown, aliases, and description.


You can join the support server here: https://discord.gg/BgKZRP4zhb We love having new people, as well as helping them solve issues with our bot!