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The official bot for Cell to Singularity

Prefix <@794033850665533450>
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner SirH#7157

Who is Semblance?

  • Semblance is an AI from the educational and epic idle game, Cell to Singularity, to which she runs the Reality Engine and all the simulations.

What's her purpose as a bot?

  • She will give tips and help for the game, as well as give some extra fun activities like an RNG-based idle-game.

thorough description of Semblance

Do you play Cell to Singularity? If yes, do you sometimes have questions about how to do something or what something is within the game? Well, this is the bot for you! This bot provides an abundant amount of details for various aspects of Cell to Singularity, of which the following are details of each currency, every secret achievement, a guide for both the Mesozoic Valley and speedrunning the singularity, and even calculators for figuring out the number of resources you need for a specified amount of levels on an item or a specified amount of metabits. And if you ever feel there isn't enough info for a specific topic, just suggest it to the owner and more will be done for that topic, we appreciate community contributions as all contributions really help provide out more information to users more clearly.