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Chewie Bot (AKA Santa Bot) will bring Star Wars fun to your servers! Get ready to fight for the glory of your faction!

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Chewie Bot (aka Santa Bot) itโ€™s a bot that will bring Star Wars fun to your servers! More than 500 servers love the seasonal themes!

Chewie will be your host for this season! Get ready to fight for The First Order or The Resistance and make your way up in the leaderboard and help your faction win! Heโ€™s capable of running a game on your server to see who are the fastest ones defending their faction on fights that randomly appear. When a fight or you'll notice it, but be fast to be the first one to defend!

What comes with it?

Channel Set-Up: Youโ€™ll have to set up a channel where Chewie is going to talk. You can now mention the channel! Make fights appear: You can make a fight appear if they're taking too long to appear. Leaderboard: It contains its very own Leaderboard to see who is winning and who's not. -Global Leaderboard: See how The First Order and The Resistance are doing globally. Help command: It shows you the available commands. Make Chewie say anything: Thatโ€™s right, you can make the bot say anything you want. Reports: Each member can view their current amount of Rank Points, and how many times they have helped their faction. Info commands: See all the info about the bot. Fun commands: Get jokes, memes and more! And more features will be added. Get ready to have some cheerful, funny Star Wars fun in your server!

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