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A multipurpose bot built to enhance your discord experience.

Prefix rb (customizable)
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner humzz#5961


RowBoat is a Multipurpose bot that suits all your needs. Rowboat has over 60+ variety of commands that will leave you speechless. Rowboat offers Moderation, Fun, Administration, Information commands to know more about people in your server and information about your server, and lastly, RowBoat guarantees you satisfaction. Invite RowBoat and sail into the open sea!

Modules RowBoat Offers:

  • List of Modules RowBoat Offers for your Server, these include:
  • Configuration Commands
  • General Bot Information
  • Fun and Entertainment Commands
  • Easy to use moderation commands
  • Server & User Information Commands
  • Utility Commands

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Help me sail across the discord platform!!