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Kia ora, Bonjour, Shalom, Merhaba, Hello, Olá! 👋I'm Hope, but you can also call me Skye 😁Feel free to use me with **@Hope** or `.help` 💖Oh! And visit my website at https://hopebot.xyz 👀

Prefix . (Changeable)
Library discord.js
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Owner Klaus#1565

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Hope is a powerful bot to make your server attractive, fun, and moderate.

Hope includes a powerful and vast moderation system that helps you control and keep everything in order on your server. Say goodbye to trolls, say goodbye to spammers, say goodbye to pervates with Hope's automatic moderation system!

This isn't all Hope can offer you. Hope also manages to announce new broadcasts on Twitch and Youtube (Live and Videos), as well as subreddit posts on Reddit. Make your server an attractive place with Hope!

Do you think that's all? No! Hope is also able to announce birthdays of the day on a specific channel with its Birthdays addon.

Oh! How about an advanced suggestion system? Of course Hope has one! Allow members of your server to leave suggestions and vote for a specific channel with Hope.

It's a lot of good stuff, right? Did I mention the advanced Ticket system? Well, I guess I better stop here and let you find out all this for yourself, right?


Hope is available in 13 languages: English, Portuguese - Brazil, French, Thai, Italian, German, Spanish, Spain, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Polish, Japanese, Dutch and is always willing to learn a new one!

|ADDON |DESCRIPTION | |----------------|-------------------------------|-----------------------------| |Applications|Addon to create application forms on your server. | |Auto-Animes|Announcement addon for when an anime goes live. |Auto-Mod |Keep your server in control, avoid spam, raids, nsfw content and more! |Auto-Covid |Auto-Posting Addon for updated information on covid-19 every 1 hour.| |Auto-Response |Automatically respond to text triggers.| |Auto-Twitch |Notifications when streamers go online| |Auto-Youtube |Subscribe to a Youtube channel and receive notifications when it posts a new video!| |Auto-Reddit |Subscribe to a subreddit and receive notifications when there are new posts!| |Auto-Nick |Change the user's nickname to a pre-set when you join the server.| |Auto-Message |Automatically post timed messages in a channel.| |Birthdays |Wish user's birthdays in a pre-defined channel.| |Level |Level Management Addon| |Moderation |Enabled moderation commands and mod log.| |Suggestion |Allow members to offer suggestions on a specific channel| |System |Manage the main Hope system settings.| |Reputation |Addon of Reputations integrated into the profile and with ranking.| |Ticket |Addon allowing your uses to create tickets on your server.| |Verification (ANTI-RAID) |Verification Addon protects your server against RAIDs.| |Reaction Roles |Allow members to self-assign roles by reacting.|

In addition, Hope has 13 categories of commands totaling more than 300 commands.

Getting Started

To add Hope to your server, you must first meet a few requirements:

Have at least 10 HUMAN users

Ahhh.... come on... It's only 10 people, it's not a big number, right? And besides, this is a minimum requirement for server validation

Don't have more BOTS than HUMAN users!

Seriously, that's not a cool thing to see...

Hope is a bot that took many months to develop and is still in constant development with almost daily updates, with over 300 commands, 12 different categories and over 19 addons... and it was all developed by one person. This system was made to allow only people who really want to use Hope, use it. <3 So Hope will be leaving this server... since he doesn't have the necessary requirements to keep it. But do not be sad, you can add it here again when you reach the requirements said above, or if you have another server that already meets these requirements, you can then add it there.


  • Join our support server if you need help, want to get information about updates and issues or want to offer contributions to Hope!

  • Invite Hope to your server by clicking here and make it a SUPER COOL SERVER.

  • Visit Hope's website to set up your server.

And feel free to check out our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.