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Hunter Bot

This bot has almost everything you need! Moderation system, Ticket system & more!

Prefix h!
Library Other
Servers ???
Privacy Policy h!policy

A multipurpose bot made specifically to fit all your needs, and make your server a better place for everyone!!!


You'll need to review this before you use the bot!

  1. Review our Privacy policy and ToS, h!policy & h!tos
  2. Review the command list, h!help
  3. Review the status of the different modules, h!settings
  4. If you'll like to get premium version, h!getpremium


  • Moderation
  • Economy
  • Suggestions
  • Tickets
  • Logo Generator
  • Roleshop
  • Fun


A *Next to the feature means it is for premium version only, There are more premium features coming in the future!

  • Custom prefix*
  • 10 Slots for roleshop*(5 for normal users, 5 extra for premium)
  • Disable and Enable Modules
  • Antilink*
  • Afk System

If you have any question join the Support Server

Other Information

  • Real library: BDFD
  • More than 100 commands
  • 98.6% Uptime
  • This bot's name was Hope YT28 before.