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Botbadi is a multipurpose Discord bot that features commands in every area.

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Botbadi is a multipurpose Discord bot that features commands in every area. It has music, moderation, gaming, greeting, insult, math commands, and more. Type %help for all the commands.

Let's start by talking about the moderation commands. Although there are fewer commands than other moderation bots, the commands prove to be functioning and easy to use. The user parameter in many of these commands can be in the form of either a mention or the id of the user.

Moderation commands include:
No permission
    %whois [User] - Display user information

Manage messages permission
    %set - Configure server settings
    %slow {Num} [sec/hr] - Set slowmode - max 6 hrs
    %dm {User} {Msg} - DM user through me

    %del [0-100] [User] - Delete channel messages
    %wipe {User} - Delete user history (100/channel)

Mute permission
    %mute {User} [Reason] - Mute user
    %unmute {User} [Reason] - Unmute user

Kick/Ban permission
    %kick {User} [Reason] - Kick user
    %ban {User} [Reason] - Ban user

Next, we will discuss some of Botbadi's voice channel commands. Botbadi can play and stream music from YouTube. Most of the classic music commands are here, but there may be bugs now and then.

Voice channel commands include:
    %join - Join your voice channel
    %play {Keywords} - Play from YouTube/URL
    %search [Keywords] - Perform a YouTube search

    %pause - Pause audio
    %resume/%unpause - Resume audio
    %stop - Stop audio

    %plist - Show playlist
    %pop {Num} - Remove song from playlist
    %clear - Clear playlist

    %np - Show currently playing song
    %leave - Disconnect from the voice channel
    %debug - Attempt to debug the voice client

Botbadi has a fairly basic currency system. Users can earn coins from completing tasks and spend their earnings on cool items from the shop. This feature is still developing as more jobs and products are added.

Currency commands include:
    %bal [User] - Balance (do first if new user)
    %inv [User] - Fetch someone's inventory

    %rich - Show richest users in the server
    %shop - Visit the shop to spend your coins

Earning money
    %bake - Bake something for 1-5 coins
    %h.math - Any math game for 20 coins
    %type/%work - 20s typing game for 100 coins

Here are some general commands for the bot. These are mostly fun commands which might be useful at times.

General commands include:
    %hi/%bye - Greeting/Farewell
    %weather {Location} - Get the weather
    %snipe/%editsnipe - Last deleted/edited msg

    %emojify {Text} - Turn text into emojis
    %embed {Text} - An embed with your text

    %say {Text} - Repeat msg while deleting it
    %change {Text} - Change public message
    %talk - Repeat saved public message

Next are the random commands. Random images, insults, predictions, you name it.

Random commands include:
    %fact - Random interesting fact
    %8ball - Magic 8-Ball
    %vid - Developer video

    %flip/%coin - Flip a two-sided coin
    %roll/%dice - Roll a six-sided die
    %rand {Start} {End} - Random integer

    %meme - Random meme
    %pet - Random pet image

    %burn/%flame - Insult your mom
    %roast - Insult you
    %insult - Random insult

Similar to other popular Discord bots, botbadi can manupulate images in various ways.

Image modification commands include:
    %png [Text] - Generate a PNG image with your text
    %triggered [User] - Well someone is triggered (returns a GIF)
    %jail [User] - They broke the law. They pay the consequences.

    %rain [User] - It's raining, very sad times indeed...
    %bright [User] - Discord light theme flashbacks...oww my eyes!
    %dark [User] - Turn the brightness down real low

    %invert [User] - Invert the colors of an image
    %sharp [User] - Sharpen up an image making it more vivid
    %updown [User] - Turn an image upside down, or 180 degrees

    %blur [User] - Gaussian blur an image (basically blurring it)
    %pixel [User] - Pixelate an image (like blurring but broader)
    %gray [User] - Grayscale an image (I know, everyone's least favorite)

The built-in calculator feature comes in very handy when you can't find your normal calculator. Botbadi can compute arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, and some other stuff. It's a pretty smart calculator. Including the calculator feature, the bot can generate a graph given ordered pairs. Drop your graphing calculator and get the answers you need right here in your Discord server with the world's best Discord bot, Botbadi.

Botbadi does have a few games available. It comes with multiplayer guessing games and some singleplayer math practice problems.

Advertisements do exist in the bot, which are all related to the bot itself. That includes the support server and social medias of the developer. Ads will only show up when certain commands are called. Botbadi also has memes, jokes, and interesting facts to keep you entertained. It is the all-around bot that will add a little bit of everything to its servers. There were numerous other fun commands and features that weren't described in detail here and it's up to you to discover them!

If you are experiencing any issues, don't hesitate to contact the developer:
    Email: [email protected]
    Discord: bossbadi#3371
    Support server: