A full list of the bots in our database, in a random, unbiased order

Rock Paper Scissors's Avatar

Rock Paper Scissors
Welcome to the Rock Paper Scissors bot! With this bot you can pl…

Backup Bot's Avatar

Backup Bot
Backup your server with Backup Bot! Backup Bot will backup your …

Anime Bot's Avatar

Anime Bot
Anime Bot est un bot multifonction principalement basé sur le fi…

Elose's Avatar

Fed up of having too many bots doing different things when it co…

Emoji Generator's Avatar

Emoji Generator
A fun bot to generate and create emojis using different parts an…

UltimateMusic's Avatar

¡UltimateMusic es un BOT dedicado a la música de tu servidor!

MANAGER's Avatar

Ein Deutscher bot, der von dem User JEFF#6008 erstellt wurde

MasterMind's Avatar

The Best Economy BOT . Lol Just Kidding , Its a Fun Economy Bot …

Filo's Avatar

Filo is a multifunctional Discord bot trained for all administra…

Doge Bot's Avatar

Doge Bot
Another powerful general purpose Discord bot in form of a Shiba …