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Harmony is a high quality music bots with adjustable features.

Prefix *
Library discord.py
Servers ???
Privacy Policy *privacy

Harmony is a great music bot for your server! Here is a list of commands and what they do! play {song}-Plays a song in a voice channel playlist {playlist-name}-Plays a playlist in a voice channel stop-Leaves the voice channel and clears the queue afk-Bot will stay in voice channel 24/7 loop-Loops your music lyrics {song}-Gives you the lyrics to a song nowplaying-Shows what song is playing pause-Pauses your music queue-Shows the servers queue remove {number}-Removes a specific number from the queue search {song-name}-Searches for a song shuffle-Shuffles the queue skip-Skips the song that's playing skipto {number}-Skips to a song in the queue volume {volume}-Changes the servers volume [Thank you!]