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Hola, soy deKiro, un bot multifunción completamente en Español capaz de poner música en tu servidor, crear sorteos y mucho mas!

Prefix k/ (Custom)
Bibliotek JDA
Servrar ???

deKiro is a multi-function bot in Spanish and English for Discord. Modules:

Moderation section with all the essentials for moderation.

Information section with a lot of useful information.

Leisure section with a lot of very varied commands to entertain users with different mini-games.

Music section for playing all types of videos in the voice chat.

Log system. For logging all the events in your server.

AutoMod. That you can configure on the config file that will delete all the words you want and all the invitation links.

There is a support server for any questions that users have about the bot where you can suggest, report bugs or errors, etc... You can see all the news about the bot and read the privacy statement on the website:

Every 4 days we update the bot with new functions and commands and once a day we check for possible bugs and errors.