Discord Application Command Bots

Our full list of Discord bots that integrate with Discord by supporting Slash Commands and/or Context Menus! All of the bots listed here have been approved by our moderation team to ensure that they are high quality.

Avatar SyncMe

Advance Bot with Moderation, Fun, Searcher, Server RelatedMade w…

Avatar SlashNotes

SlashNotes is a Discord Slash Command bot that you can use to ke…

Avatar Daily Quotes

Daily Quotes
A bot that gives your server DailyQuotes

Avatar Server Status

Server Status
The Server Status Bot keeps you up to date on Discord's server s…

Avatar Zimmy

Simple bot to schedule your announcements, planned posts or repe…

Avatar Fire

Multi-purpose, open source bot with many integrations, utilities…

Avatar Deejay

Music Bot•Button Controls•YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify & 700+ si…

Avatar ducksearch

Search with DuckDuckGo and utilize it's APIs with Discord slash …

Avatar bearger

bearger is a fun bot for your server. he does some useful and so…

Avatar 🐟🐠

A simple bot for deleting malicious phishing scam messages.

Avatar Team Up

Team Up
Custom Matchmaking and Elo Rating Bot. Create a leaderboard for …

Avatar Wishlist Doggo

Wishlist Doggo
Henlo fren, add a game to the wishlist, and receive a notificati…

Avatar Reacts

A Discord Bot focused on easy to use yet powerful reaction roles…

Avatar Skye

Skye is a complete bot with multi-language support and more than…

Avatar Tabletop Hat

Tabletop Hat
Plug-n-play tabletop games, complete with easy slash commands & …