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Ikon smiles and happiness

smiles and happiness
A happy server who wants to make others smile and more!

Ikon (Change Server Name)

(Change Server Name)
Template of my original server Pepegas World

Ikon weeb galaxy template

weeb galaxy template
This is my template i hope you use it and if you do invite me to…

Ikon YouTuber Sunucusu

YouTuber Sunucusu
Discord YouTuber Template Şablonu Yapan • Erdem#9999

Ikon Gaming / Streamer Community Template

Gaming / Streamer Community Template
The best gaming/streamer discord template in the world! Got que…

Ikon Plantilla general para perder el tiempo con los compas

Plantilla general para perder el tiempo con los compas
Hablar, romper las bolas, burlarse del bufon, pasar y ver nopor,…

Ikon we are here to play among us

we are here to play among us
this is an awesome template with a lot of topics

Ikon Simple Server Layout

Simple Server Layout
People can chat, share art they've made, and play games. Add wha…

Ikon Global Communities

Global Communities
Gather friends across the world: Coordinate, share resources, an…

Ikon Fozxie yt server

Fozxie yt server
this is an template of a youtuber .this have many designs if you…

Ikon a random aesthetic server ♡

a random aesthetic server ♡
the server's permissions are altered for a basic verification sy…